I hate losing stuff, and I do lose things all the time, I don’t know where my car keys are right now. But I don’t think most companies or individuals realise the importance of their data. I challenge you to stop reading this now and consider how your company could run over the next 24 hours if it suffered a serious data loss.

The simplicity of backups from a few years ago where a single backup server would backup your entire data centre to tape is all but gone. The volume of data is growing exponentially, data is dispersed across the public/private cloud, SAAS offerings and now containers. Yet conversely against this massive increase in data volume and complexity is the need more than ever for IT systems to be continually available since organisations are so deeply reliant on their data to trade. Welcome to the new era of data protection and the need for dataON247, hence the title for this blog.

Not only is there the challenge of safeguarding our data but also in storing, managing and understanding the vast volumes. Data archive forms an intrinsic part of a good data management strategy and therefore is intrinsic to a good data protection strategy. So not only will I be covering all the areas of data protection including backup, DR, DRAAS and data availability but also data archive.

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This blog is managed by Richard Arnold who also blogs at the popular storage blog d8taDude.com. He is a vExpert and was voted in the top 5 storage bloggers and top 10 independent bloggers in the annual top vBlog poll.