Veeam Copy Jobs Overview

Overview and Uses

Veeam copy jobs are a useful feature within the Veeam Backup and Replication suite. Copy jobs are not a backup of your primary data but rather a copy of the backup files themselves. Copy jobs can be used for a number of purposes:

  • Copying the data to another physical location, in this way they can be used to give you an offsite location of your data
  • Copy jobs can also be used to create an archive backup with different retention settings to your primary backups
  • Creating a copy of the data to another media type. Copy jobs can be used as a source for a tape job
  • To help create a tiered backup strategy. It maybe you want to keep two weeks of data on fast disks but several months’ worth on cheaper slower storage

3-2-1 Rule

Those familiar with the 3-2-1 backup rule will have realised that Copy Jobs are a feature that enables the implementation of this. The rule states that there is at least 3 copies of your data in 2 different formats with at least 1 of those stored off site. It is good practice to adhere to the the 3-2-1 rule.


Copy jobs are linked to backup jobs since they are a copy of the primary backup. You can set them up through the GUI or by using PowerShell.



When you create a new copy job it will default to being scheduled at midnight. This might seem counter intuitive to have all your copy jobs running at the same time as it would impact bandwidth / storage etc. However Copy Jobs are effectively are always running in the background waiting for their associated backup job to complete. Once the Backup Job completes the copy job will then kick in. So the timing is just a marker for the period in which the copy job will look for new Backup Jobs. By scheduling it to start at midnight this is when it will starts looking for a new backup job and it will continue to do this until the next monitoring period kicks in again i.e. 24 hours later.

When you setup Copy Jobs they will be disabled by default, when you enable them they will immediately try and run. Should the initial sync not complete within the time window you specified, Veeam is smart enough to cope with this and will complete the initial sync on the next run.  If you need to setup copy jobs across a slow link you can use WAN accelerators  to optimise transport of the data across the link.

When you think you have completed the setup if you have access to the VeeamONE reporter tool you can use the report VMs with no archive job, to highlight any VMs that do not have a copy job associated.