Virtual data availability conference

A quick post to alert readers to an event which may be of interest to many of you. Do you like conferences but don’t have the time, or a boss kind enough to let you go?  Fear not as Veeam are putting on a virtual conference tomorrow, like a standard conference there is a series of presentations starting at 1pm, I am particularly looking forward to the best practice recommendations and sessions on the new agents feature.


To make it more conference like you are going to be able to explore different areas, including exhibitors and the Experts Lounge, which is going to be a chat room where you can interact with bloggers.


I have been asked to take part in Experts Lounge along with the following fellow bloggers.  Pop in if you fancy a chat.

You can still register for the event here and follow along on social media using #VeeamVirtual.

Free Office 365 Backup from Veeam

SAAS & Backups

SAAS has to be the first move for most companies to the cloud. Rather than build your own let someone else worry about the development and support costs, all you have to do is turn up and use it right? Whilst many companies will take this approach and put complete trust in their provider, an often forgotten aspect is backup.



Native Office 365 Protection

It is important to understand what Microsoft offers you in terms of data protection as it may vary from what you are used to internally. In a traditional on premise data protection scenario you would back up the full environment including the infrastructure and application layer. This would not only give you a DR position but also granular restore of all your applications within it. Microsoft assures the availability of Exchange data by using DAGs across a geographically dispersed area and backups for the protection of their infrastructure. To recover deleted items from Exchange within Office 365 by default you have 30 days of recovery points to choose from.


First of all it’s clear this an all eggs in one basket approach relying on one vendor for backups within the same application. In the traditional world of backups this would be frowned upon, ideally backups should be offsite and in another format. The second clear short coming is the number of restore points available, what if you need to recover further back than 30days for a legal case? Whilst this can amended its clear it still won’t reach the time window many companies have come to expect. Finally the standard Office 365 settings do not protect you against the disgruntled or reckless admin who deletes the data and restore points.

Salvation is free!

The solution is of course is to take control of your backups again. With version 9.5 Veeam announced the backups of MS Office 365 would be supported. The good news there is now an offer on for free Office 365 e-mail backups for current Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus customers who will get two years of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 free, and customers with Standard or Enterprise edition will get one year free.